Like what you see? This page will try and help you get involved!


Quick Pick

Our blog is all about sharing arts with our audience.Let us know if you would like us to do a quick pick about you are an artist you like.

here is a list of the things we from our quick pick artists

Shout Out

Also, If you know of something art related going on in the Oklahoma, let us know so we can help promote it.


If your an artist and have some awesome art that you want to put in the shop, let us know. Read up more about our concept for the shop on our about page (note: that section of our about page is coming), but note that its a place for art to be sold at the prices it deserves. We are not here to cheapen art by selling it online, but to let a larger audience know that we support profesional artists that make art that has a literal value.


We really try and keep our group to the smallest size possible with the highest quality. But with that said, we do review how active our members on and have the option to add more. Please go check out our about page if your interested in joining and then let us know.

here is a list of the things we look for in an artist