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Eric Piper is a southwest artist with punk, occult, and existentialist roots. Working with mediums ranging from bronze, cardboard, fabric, to spray paint, blood, oils and found trash. Concepts span from “creating black-holes in the audiences subconcious persona” to the tragedy of not having enough money for cigarettes. Trying to pull all the words and preconceived ideas we as humans have about ourselves and the world away from it, allow us to stare into the chaos and meaninglessness of the universe, reapply meaning, and connect passionately with the the everything. Useless and absolutely necessary.

Check out Eric’s Ehibition

Warpaint Clothing

Friday the 13th, July 13th 6-10pm
During LIVE on the Plaza!

1701 NW 16th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Where are you from?
I grew up all over the place. Actually, I was born in Texas and dad was in the military so we moved around for a while, but the longest part of my childhood was spent inside Lawton, Oklahoma.

Home much does being an Okie influence your work?
I think Oklahoma has a huge influence on all the work I produced. It’s really interesting, because it’s got so much potential, and we’re located in an amazing spot. Everybody is open to these creative ideas we’re making, and the important thing is to stay up to date with what contemporary artists are doing, what contemporary anything, I mean, music is also a huge thing.So, if you’re looking out there, and you’re bringing it here, there’s awesome potential.

What kind of art do you associate with?
I like to look at myself as just really everything. Right now, recently, I’ve been really into printmaking, but sculpture has a deep warm place inside my heart. I love DIY anything, I think that would be kind of the core of my favorite aesthetic: taking stuff and putting it together with any mean that I have. With cardboard and gold spray paint, you can do insanely badass, you can do anything with the materials around you.

Can you describe your studio space?
Dude, my studio space is like my cavern of creativity. I love it. I feel more attached to the studio space than I do my house. I feel more at home inside of it. To cover up the walls with whatever you want to – extremely important inside my creative process.Just submerging myself with things that I look up to and admire and things that I kind of detest that will kind of pull at me in those certain ways, too.

I think as an artist, anybody as an artist, that’s more of our job, because we’re able to filter the raw information that we’re given and interpret it however we want to. And so we’re kind of this connection between the outside world and our inside world and then kind of spitting it back out so we can see how we refract all the information that goes through us.

How do you feel about combining printmaking and sculpture?
I think the less rules I put on myself, the easier it is for me to make work. If I go into a project and I think I’m going to combine these two things or I’m not going to combine them, then it kind of limits me as I go through. I rather approach it and just start building something and then whenever it pops into my head, it’s like “Oh, dude, I can cover this in prints and it would look radical that way,” then I’m going to go and cover it in prints. Just leaving it open, I think that works the best for me.

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3 Responses to Eric Piper

  1. Ryan Harris says:

    I think that this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while.

  2. Tom says:

    Eric Piper sounds like an intelligent artist. You can tell his art has depth to it. I’ve heard he has a show somewhere in Norman tonight (8 Jun). I’ll have to figure out where it’s at and check it out! Love the prints BTW!

  3. Yadli says:

    Nice work on the Azathoth monument too…. Mr. “Pipi”

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