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About Redline

I am excited to announce that some of our Okie Collective artists (including myself) have been chosen to participate in “Redline,” a special Capstone exhibition curated by our very own Molly Youngblood. Molly was kind enough to give us a exhibition release on Redline. The reception for Redline will take place on Sunday from 4-6 pm at the OU Visual Arts Research Annex immediately following the University of Oklahoma’s Senior Capstone.


Words from the Curator

‘Redline is an curated exhibition featuring works of seven Senior Capstone artists – Jessica Ann, Cameron Logue, Matt Magill, Samantha Marquette, Eric Piper, Elliott Robbins, and Anna Thomas. The exhibition acts as a retrospective of each artist, presenting works which illustrate their time and progress during their undergraduate coursework at the University of Oklahoma.
The term “Redline” is defined as the fastest, farthest, or highest point or degree considered safe; The artists present have worked to the limits of their means and within binding guidelines and deadlines student artists face. Each artist highlighted has pushed the boundaries of their mediums and concepts, often times crossing the line of what is acceptable, what is desired, or what is expected from art. Painting, printmaking, sculpture, film, video, and technology art will be featured.

The exhibition acts as a final Capstone project for senior Molly Youngblood, a media arts major, involved with study in the field of curation as a Capstone thesis.

The exhibition is located at the Visual Arts Research Annex, located at 3506 Bart Conner Drive, off 36th Avenue NW in Norman. An opening reception will take place Sunday, May 5th from 4:00-6:00PM, directly after the opening of the Capstone show in the Lightwell Gallery. The gallery will be open 3:00-6:00PM on Sunday, as well as from 12:00-3:00PM on Friday, May 10th.’

- Molly Youngblood

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This Saturday, July 7, Okie Collective will have a booth at Our Sky is Falling’s Album Release Show at the Conservatory in OKC. We will be selling shirts and other super sweet items from the Okie Collective Store. So come hang out and say hello and check out all the cool things that we are doing with Okie Collective.

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For the last two weeks, the mobile printing studio known a “Drive by Press” has been running a workshop in Norman at the OU School of Art. I have been lucky enough to participate in this workshop to help learn all those techniques that let print makers do what we do. Check out the pictures that will be at the bottom of this post. The workshop is run by Joseph Velasquez, Greg Nanney and John Hancock teaching the workshop and doing an amazing job.

Drive-By began with an etching press in the back of a truck and a small collection of prints, and now have three three mobile operations visiting over 260 schools visited with 250,000 miles traveled. They have also collected one of the largest contemporary collections at well over 2000 prints and growing. They educate students in various techniques, and current trends in printmaking. DBP also sells woodblock prints and t-shirts. There style can be described best as old school with the process being based on the 800-year old technique of wood-block printing.

You can check out more about them at and


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Our friend and favorite artist Thomas Shahan just had an article posted about him today.

Go check it out Here.