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Theresa Hultberg is an artist native to Oklahoma City, working in the fields of painting, printmaking, and curating.

An analysis of self-perception, resulting in realization is a driving concept of Theresa’s work. She pulls from emotion gained through experience as an artist and presents contradictory perceptions within a piece, commanding the audience to become aware of their own personal relation to the artwork and to then consider and reflect on this connection.

Recently, Theresa has had the honor of participating in La Calaca Press International Print Exchange. Her work will be seen alongside artists working in a variety of printmaking techniques in the international art scene. See the selected lithograph on her featured post here.

In the upcoming months, she will be working and researching in conjunction with the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art to curate a show featuring student prints as well as works from notable artists of the Op Art Movement – Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley.

Stay current with Theresa and her art by checking out her blog – Theresa Hultberg Art

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Ryan is an artist who prefers to deal with issues concerning the human psyche. He enjoys enveloping himself in thought and using what thoughts come to mind as the theme for most of his work. The issues he has dealt with in his past are what drive his artwork today. Having this as part of his process can normally yield results that are unfiltered, and that tend to shock or offend some people, and he enjoys that fact. The moment in which his audience is shook from their protected reality is satisfying.

Check out more of his work here.

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Today we are trying out a new type of post that we’re calling a Quick Pick. We want to share amazing work of artists outside of the Collective. Our first Quick Pick will be painter and sculptor, Anna Thomas.

Anna is a native of the 918 area code and is currently working on her degree in Fine Art. Anna’s work focuses on the human body and abstract forms. What she does forces viewers to rethink the body in a different way. If you attended the most recent Momentum art show in OKC you might have seen the wax wall piece she showed that has been added to this post. This post also has other selected works that everyone should really check out.

Check out more of her work here.

- Max