Supporting the artist and then supporting the artist some more!

Who we are

Okie Collective is a two man design team focused on branding, illustration, and web design. Though they work out of New York and Austin, their roots are in the motherland of Oklahoma. In today's market, companies large and small are running to smaller boutique firms to get a creative edge - and you can't get smaller or more boutique than two guys from Oklahoma.

Along with their design services, they are addicted to conceptual art and try to use this company to not just support themselves, but the exceptionally talented Okie artists they've befriended over the years.

Our Goals

Collaborative art exhibitions

Our exhibitions are not derived from themes, but instead focus on curating from the artists' current projects and highlighting that instead. We make a inventory of our artists current work and let one or two of our artists curate an exhibition from it. This really helps develop the collective as a whole since the artists are more hands on during the entire creation of a show.

In the Community

Okie Collective partners with other organizations to enrich and extend the reach of it's artists, and exhibitions.We believe that we are truly successful when the whole Oklahoma arts community is successful. This work with the community includes our blogging about artist and events, showing in the various public art spaces, and volunteering our artistic talents to help the community in general.

How it all got started

After making collaborative art together, two design students: Matt Magill and Max Duggan saw the power in artists working together. Being in an fine art school, they realized that it is really hard for studio and media art majors to get gallery support right out of art school. With their desire to help their friends, they used their design skills and ideas about power in numbers to help promote their friends in the fine arts world.

Matt Magill

Matt Magill

The promotion man of Okie Collective, Matt is the charismatic side of the founding team. After being raised by family of Central American Red Brocket deer, Matt left the herd and took up hipster roots in Norman where he now works, studies, and enjoys life. His art focuses on the humor and irony of the hipster subculture and scary little ghosts and monsters that are supposed to have some really deep meaning besides just looking cool.

Max Duggan

Max Duggan

A behind the scenes guy, Max keeps the interwebs and artists working for the collective. His passion is printmakeing and is known for doing work that deals with armadillos doing crazy stuff and Truck Drivers. He got his a degree in Information Technology before deciding to become a designer/artist.